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Free Edition vs. Advanced Edition

eLiveService provides a powerful chat platform for businesses willing to offer live customer service and helpdesk on their websites or intranet portals.

- Advanced Edition

The eLiveService Advanced Edition aims to provide middle-sized and larger businesses with a complete hosted solution for them to improve customer service while increasing operator productivity and reduce overall support costs.

The Advanced Edition enables businesses to easily manage and report online customers and/or employees communications and helps them learn about their expectations and better anticipate their needs.

The Advanced Edition includes:

- all features for administrators
- all features for operators
- graphical configuration of the visitor interface to suit corporate look and feels.

- Free Edition

eLiveService provides a Free Edition for small businesses willing to offer live customer service on their websites and increase sales opportunities on the web.

All functions are available in this version for both administrators and operators .

The difference between the Advanced Edition and the Free Edition lies in the visitor's dialog windows which cannot be configured to suit graphical charters.

Moreover, the free version enables you to create only 2 operator accounts.

- To use the free version now, you must create your eLiveService account.
- To use the Advanced Edition, you need to create your eLiveService account and then purchase a subscription for a specific number of operators.







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