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How do I create my eLiveService account

•  Go to www.eliveservice.com
•  Click "Getting started" on the main menu
•  Follow the wizard instructions given there

Can I customize the look and feel of the applet?

Yes, you can configure the look and feel of both discussion pop up windows (pre-chat form and discussion window) where your visitors will exchange information with your customer representatives after clicking the eLiveService button on your web site. To configure your visitors' interface follow the steps below:

•  Go to www.eliveservice.com
•  Click "My Account" on the main menu to log into your client administration console
•  Click Wizard integration from the left-side menu
•  Fill in the form given there to configure your visitors' pop up window. You can click the icon for Help.

May I order operator licenses anytime?

Yes. The Free Edition of eLiveService is limited to 2 operators. Beyond that, you need to use the Advanced Edition and order a subscription.

You can access this page from www.eliveservice.com by clicking "Buy"
when logged on your administration console by clicking Licensing/Order new agents
from the eLiveService Operator Console by clicking eLiveService/Purchase License.

How do I get started in the Operator Console:

To start conversation with a visitor:

1- Double click on a visitor message located in the waiting room (top window on the Operator Console)
A Chat tab appears in the conversation section (bottom left window)
2- Enter your message in the message box
3- Click Send

To exchange messages with other operators:

1- Select the operator room tab in the conversation section (bottom left window)
2- Enter your message in the message box
3- Click Send
You can see your message along with all the messages from other operators display in the transcript above.







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